Pre Filled vape cartridges are, without a doubt, very easy to use, and that is why they have become vaping sensations.

What is a prefilled cartridge?

Combining the power of concentrate with the effortlessness of using prefilled cartridges is a new, discrete and easy way to consume different types of therapeutic oil types of concentrates derived from cannabis. Prefilled cartridges are the ones that are filled by the company with some kind of oil for vaping. It can be filled with full-spectrum Cannabidiol broad-spectrum Cannabidiol or Cannabidiol isolate. They are also known as disposable pens, vape pens, or preloaded vape cartridges. Due to its remarkable ease of use, portability, and functionality, this product stands out above the others.

There is no doubt that prefilled cartridges are convenient to use, but it can be costly to buy them again and again in the long run. One of the most commonly asked queries regarding prefilled cartridges is how we can remove oil from a prefilled cartridge.

Why do we need to remove the oil?

Before we answer the question of “how,” let’s explore “why” we need to remove oil in the first place. Removing oil from the prefilled cartridge can be helpful in refilling it properly. Since vape cartridges cannot be recycled, they end up in dumps of landfills. Therefore the process of refilling a prefilled empty cartridge is also eco-friendly. Not only that, but it also allows you to use this cartridge if you have a non-functional empty vape cartridge.

Is it safe to remove oil?

Before removing oil from the prefilled cartridge, you must know that some vape cartridges are not safe to tinker with. In this regard, it would be best to check the ingredients of the oil in the cartridge. If it contains glycerol or propylene glycol, it is not safe to fiddle with it or heat in an open flame. On the contrary, if your cartridge contains pure CO2 oil, it is safe to remove the oil and fill the cartridge again.

It would be best to get the advice of a professional regarding the ingredients of the oil in the cartridge as it would be difficult for a layman to identify or understand the oil.


The process of removing oil from a pre-filled vape cartridge can be done by using a syringe. Using a syringe not only protects the oil from spilling but also the cartridge from any damage. You can start by removing the mouthpiece. After that place, put the syringe inside the cartridge and draw the oil out. Using the syringe for extraction of oil is not messy and ensures that no oil is left inside the cartridge. You can use another syringe to fill your cartridge with another type of oil or distillate that you like.

If you are not sure about the oil ingredients or don’t know what is wrong with the cartridge, do not attempt to remove the oil from the cartridge.

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